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18 Piece
Survival Frag

Available in Olive Drab Green, Coyote Brown or Black.

$25.00 Each

Two-Handed Dog Leash

Multiple Colors Available.

4 Ft Leash.


6 Ft Leash (With Belt Clip).


1 Pt / 2 Pt Adjustable AR Sling

Multiple Colors and Patterns Available.

$35.00 Each


Self Defense Key Chains

Multiple Colors Available.

9-In or 11-In Lengths.

$15.00 Each

Sport Bracelets

8, 9, or 10-In Lengths.


$10.00 Each


$10.00 Each


$10.00 Each

Survival Key Chains

Multiple Colors and Patterns Available.

3 Ft X 2 (6 Total Ft) of Paracord.

Quick Release Clasp with Compass, Whistle, and Fire Starting Flint.

$10.00 Each

Survival Bracelet

Available in Multiple Colors and Patterns.

8, 9, 10 and 11-In Lengths Available.

Quick Release Clasp with Compass, Whistle, and Fire Starting Flint.

$10.00 Each

Flower Bracelets

Pink, Royal Blue, Teal, Purple, Red, and White Available.

7, 8, and 9-In Lengths.

$10.00 Each

Grogu Key Chains

4-In Total Length.

$5.00 Each

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